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Doubts on skypecast…

that you can improve your English there. Oh, let me say this; It is a kick arse place to find someone speaks English. I am sure about that. Then, you spend some time there and you are pretty much clued up what is going on and who’s in which casts (well, there’s nothing wrong with that).

It’s pretty much like having a 10 people class at some English school. It probably is good for someone just started learning English, but when it comes down to the intermediate and the advanced English learners, talking in English in a cast is not good enough to improve it to further level.

Your listening is pretty much good enough unless speakers do not have really strong accents. You can practise your reading and reading in your private time. It does not have to be on skype. So it comes down to speaking in English.

How much well spent English speaking time do you have on Skype? Not much I guess.

I was trying to have small sessions to do ‘speaking’, but I failed. Either conversations were carried away into something very trivial (but fun I may add) or opponents’ English levels were not up to my level.

No, no, no. It is absolutely fun. A great place to socialise with people.

I think I need to find the similar minded people on Skype, but I don’t know how… It is about how to reach the right people at the right time…

Tony Snow passed away…

So my link to Tony Snow is from

  • Bike, (ones you see on Tour de France).
  • Lance Armstrong (I’ve read his two books).
  • Tony Snow

I am not a supporter of the administration he had represented, but I liked him as a cancer survivor (I still do). I have no doubt that how he lived his life has encouraged a lot of cancer patients in the world. He certainly left his legacy.

He was 53 years old. Too young, man, too young. Would he know this? that the cancer would eventually take his life away? I mean he was told his diagnosis, but he was told that it was a terminal one? I would like to know about his struggle going through all this.

Everything is mistake

Probably, the life itself is. The rest is up to us how to justify it.

cutting down on the pills…

I have cut down on the pills. Taking a sleeping tablet is like having a glass of wine for me. It takes the edge off, but it also stays in my body next day and I have a mild hang-over. Actually, some of my sleeping tablets of half-life is more than 24 hours. So it may accumulates in my body if I take them every single day (I dunno… I’m not a doctor, but my poor understanding on half-life, it sounds like it stays that way). and I also feel pretty worn out with that hang over. It started to affect my life in a negative way. So I take a few days off on the pills to get rid of the substance out of my body and trying to decrease the chemical tolerance.I wonder when I am going to have a life without the pills. This is certainly no good thing.

So the life is rotation of

  • sleep
  • work
  • eat

Someone said that. Too much simplification, you think? You may add a few others, but this is it, I guess. What else do you have? This is pretty much my life I guess.

Siemens cutting jobs…

This is not a someone else’s story… Working at a similar company (well, Japanese one). I am slowly starting to look for a better position outside my company, but it seems to be not a good time right now.

It is a bit difficult to change my current career direction. So I try to find a new position in similar industries. I got a few introductions, but my qualification was not up to meet their requests.

Well, I guess I keep trying, thou. You don’t want to rush into a position unless you need to. You don’t know when a best position might pop up in your search. Not that it has happened to me, thou.

Oh… by the way, thanks for a man I met on Skype changed my paradigm on the job searching. As long as you secure your current job, you have nothing to lose just looking for a better position (and writing CV or resume give you time to review your career throughout). It lights up what you can do and can’t do. There are a lot of things you can’t do (lol). Even you don’t get a job, there are a lot of things you can get from the job search, I think.

To believe…

gives you amazing power in your life.

I can probably categorise myself as a Buddhist in one of quite conventional Buddhist groups. Nothing radical, nothing destructive. It may have become too conventional that people do not have much belief in it (I think this is the reason why a lot of new religious groups are rising), but merely ritual.

At the beginning, I was struggling to find a way to jump in, trying to find a way in, perhaps. The door is always open. You start believing it and that’s where you start and that’s all you need to do. You may want to evaluate whatever information you try to believe in is genuine and nothing destructive to the others. You don’t want to start from a wrong start point.

If you believe in the right ones (I am saying that there are a lot of right ones exist in the world, mine is one of them), it gives you strong, powerful, ethical and practical ground rules that you can adhere to and act upon in your everyday life. The rules are unshakable, solid, consistent, and simple. Amazingly, simple.

But you need to believe it, spiritual being, whatever you may call it, to enable the rules to empower your life. Otherwise, the rules doesn’t mean much. You may not even realise they even exists in this life.

Often, I make decision spine reflectively (lol). I hate this, I hate that, F this, F that, but there are moments when you pause and ask yourself “hang on a minute, what the f I am going to do about it?”. This is the moment you can act upon your belief. If you don’t have the rules, you have no idea what actions to make. If your belief is unshakeable, your life is unshakable.

But you know what difficult thing is?

it is to believe.

I got spiritual…

as I got older. What constitutes ‘being spiritual’ differ wildly, but I am talking about my religious belief.

When you are young and bold, you don’t face or not even realise your mortality, but when you get older and finding that your body is deteriorating. You realise that no matter what you do, you must exit this life at some point. This is inevitable.

The process of acceptance is difficult. I think no one will be able to accept that until the very last moment.

But if you try to face it, try to be ready for it, that is when spirituality comes in. I was an atheist until early 20s. Then, I became an agnostic in my mid to late 20s. Now, I am an enthusiastic Buddhist (I don’t care and bother trying to persuade everyone to believe what I believe. You can believe whatever you like to believe).

I never thought that I would be a Buddhist. I thought believing a god (or a spiritual being) is for someone weak to do. A strong person would believe in himself. Ha ha… when you find that there is nothing strong within yourself, you look into something else.

I have been a Buddhist for a few years. There are a few discoveries about being spiritual in my life. Being spiritual is nothing to do with your life style or ritual you do.

It is to believe.

the cast server down?

It seemed to be. It came back up in the evening. There was no way that I could create my cast during the server down time.

Then, I’ve realised that my weekend activities are extremely depending on Skype(cast, I would say). I don’t skype someone pin-point. It’s not my way.

It is not a bad thing that I socialise with people on Skype, but I probably need face-to-face socialise to get a real life.

I need a real life apart from my company life.

a cast for nutters…

was my cast I held last night.

That was fun. I didn’t use a keyword ‘japan’. Then you get differenty layers of people you usually have. It may be because of the time I had the cast, but Europeans were main participants.

When you put ‘Japan’ in either a cast title of keywords, you get regulars all the time. If you want to get away from regulars for a while (I think it is OK to feel that way). I reccomend you to host a cast with a totally different name and keywords. You will be surprised by people coming in the cast with different background you see usually.

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