Ok, this is going to be my last post for the year.


  1. your new phone is HUAWEI new phone.
  2. HUAWEI phone clone app is working on the old phone that you want to make a backup of Google Authenticator.

if you don’t meet the pre-condition, bad luck set it up one by one.

what you need to do

  1. Clone Google Authenticator using HUAWEI phone clone app.

that’s it. if you are moving from an old android phone to a new HUAWEI smart phone, then Google authenticator and its data will be copied to the new one with 100% integrity. if you have already set up a new phone or copy to the existing phone, then choose Google authenticator only in phone clone.

HUAWEI phone clone app is extremely convenient. it copies everything and anything, but not always successful. some apps are required to reinstall and reconfigured, but almost all apps work fine after the clone. To be very honest, for this function only, I probably continue buying HUAWEI smart phone. I have 12 sites using one time password, I don’t want to set them up one by one every time I buy new smart phone.

On this day..