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How to backup (or copy) Google Authenticator

Ok, this is going to be my last post for the year. Pre-condition your new phone is HUAWEI new phone. HUAWEI phone clone app is working on the old phone that you want to make a backup of Google Authenticator. if you don’t meet the pre-condition, bad luck set it up one by one. what […]


A lot of things in this page are wrong, but I go publish this anyway. 再周见,see you next week. 我在日本工作, This can be said 我是在日本工作的? –> probably no Is this possible? 现在我到东京去 现在我是到东京去 我家离学校三公里。 我是离家学校三公里的。 update: the emphasis is on what you did in the past. thus, 去年我在东京工作 can be said 去年我是在东京工作的。 can we say […]

Windows で DCOM のイベント ID 10016 がログに記録される

すごく長く戦っている気がする、このエラー。 Windows で DCOM のイベント ID 10016 がログに記録される Windows オペレーティング システムの既知のセキュリティ識別子 Interactive serviceのregistryも変えてみた。

Flower in winter

Memo – Gentoo profile upgrade from 13.0 to 17.0

URLs helped me a lot. The last one is a package info that I was bogged down trying to figure out why the kernel compilation failed. I hadn’t installed it…. when did this become the requirements for the kernel compilation…?

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